Late Afternoon Surf - Oil

Late Afternoon Surf - Oil

Soft & Fluffy - Oil

An independent artist and a charismatic teacher, Mark Saenger maintains a studio in New Jersey.

He is a recipient of various awards, including the prestigious Copper Beech Foundation Award, from the Art Institute's 26th Annual Juried Art Show.  The winning painting, The Canal in Winter is shown here with Mark.

A phone call from the HBO show, “The Sopranos” requested that his art be featured in the 2001 season. He has made appearances in numerous shows and is a member of various art associations. He aspires to maintain the respect and friendship of his peers in the art world.

As a beginning artist himself, many years and grey hairs ago,  Saenger was initially motivated to paint by a college art professor who advised him to “stick with it.” The paint-along artist, Bob Ross seen on TV, fascinated Saenger.  He took a workshop with this popular personality only to find, to his disappointment, but more to his benefit, that nothing which looks so easy could be achieved without commitment and skill.

From thereon, he began a rigorous study of the principles of art, having to spend long hours behind the easel and miles of canvas. He has studied with some of the most notable landscape artists of today.

Saenger experienced the most growth as an artist under the tutelage of J. Osborne, who explained advanced techniques such as the prism of light, how it affects the landscape, and “why” things appeared a certain way in nature; Osborne encouraged Saenger to solve problems and evolve as an artist.

Since 2003 Saenger continues to conduct workshops throughout the USA with a concentration in the NJ, NY, and PA areas. Saenger enjoys helping beginners and intermediate artists get on the road to success, like his mentors had done for him.

Saenger’s goal is not only to stop time and capture a certain light effect or condition, but to ensure that the viewer can feel the warm glow of the sunset, or the bitter cold of winter.