Saturday Morning - Watercolor Painting: Beginner


Saturday Morning - Watercolor Painting: Beginner


Taught by: Ginny Puskar

You've learned the watercolor basics, but now what? Or you’ve never learned to paint but always wanted to learn?  This beginner level class is designed for the artist who has some experience painting, but wants to take his/her paintings to the next level as well as someone who is just starting out.  Working from still life and photos, participants will work to create paintings that are cohesive and pleasing to the viewer. Informative and technical - yet fun and relaxing!

Students are asked to bring their own supplies. (A supply list will be provided)

(10 Sessions)

Saturday Session (10:00am - 12:30pm)

Starts - 1/12
Ends - 3/23

No Class - 2/16

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