Mixed Media Art: Grades 4-5


Mixed Media Art: Grades 4-5


Taught by: Sharon Reed 

Come explore all types of media in this fun and creative art class.  Each week we will explore a different media including pencils, pastels, markers, paint, fabric, clay and plaster.  From technical drawing skills to sculpting clay and creative painting, your child will learn and create in a nurturing environment allowing his or her individual technique and creativity to shine. 

Students of all levels and experience are welcome. Many of our art supplies are non-washable, so dress accordingly.

(8 Sessions)

Thursday Session (3:30 - 4:30):
First class: 1/11
Last class: 3/1
Days off: none

Saturday Session (11:00 - 12:00):
First Class: 1/13
Last Class: 3/10
Days off: 2/17 - President's Day weekend

Date and Time:
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