NEW - Thursday Afternoon Figure Drawing


NEW - Thursday Afternoon Figure Drawing


Taught by: Joel Tidey

Figure drawing is an extremely rewarding and challenging activity. Come join us and learn to simplify the complex nature of drawing the human form by getting familiar with basic anatomy to better understand the figure. Because our poses are short, you will be able to focus on how to initiate a figure drawing through basic structuring. We will cover some anatomical information to help build a solid foundation in figure drawing. Repetition and practice are key elements in expressing yourself with confidence. We will be working from both female and male models.

18’ by 24” newsprint  - white paper if prefered
charcoal pencils- 4B-6B generals
Vine charcoal
Kneaded erasers

All levels are welcome in this class.  High school ages 16 and up with parental permission.

(8 Sessions)  (Pricing includes the model fee)

Thursday Session (12:30pm - 3:00)
First Class: 3/29
Last Class: 5/31
Days Off: 4/5, 5/24

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